Karpa’s core strength is its team members. Specifically, our focus on the team’s professional development and growth in key areas like leadership, collaboration, organization, effectiveness, and efficiency. Therefore, our main product is the “knowledge worker,” who in turn produces outstanding technology, platforms, and integrated solutions for specific niche businesses and various broad industries.

We accomplish the above with a strong internal process which tangibly rewards reading, and presenting, material focused on leadership, entrepreneurship and strategic thinking. As a couple of examples of this process:

  • All new team members, within the first year of their employment, must read four books from our book list, and submit 300 word summaries for each book read. They receive bonuses for each submitted book summary.
  • We also hold regular weekly small group (6-8 people) meetings dedicated to reviewing the latest topics on time management, efficiency, collaboration, etc.

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Karpa exists in order to be an efficient business which attracts and grows knowledge workers, organizes them to deliver excellence, and encourages them to pursue a high quality of life.

We govern our daily work, growth and productivity using a clear set of principles outlined in our SMaC recipe available at the following link


Over the past 18 years Karpa’s projects have had its teams in places like Orlando, Miami, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Mexico City, North Carolina, North Macedonia.

Our current teams are located in the US, in Western North Carolina and in Southeastern Europe, The Republic of North Macedonia. We also have full time remote team members in Chicago and London, and are continually adding new team members and locattions.

Each location has a dedicated commercial administrator/manager responsible for budgets, payroll, accounting, taxes, invoicing, billing, office space, etc. There is also an assigned location lead, as well as a team lead for each group of 6-8 people. The team lead’s primary responsibility is the continuing improvement of, and adherence to, the company culture and the continuous growth and development of the team.