Founded in 2001 by Zoran Naskov, Karpa Inc. has evolved from its origins in Orlando, Florida, into a dynamic force within the e-commerce, custom ERP systems, and travel and transportation landscapes. Initially established with a focus on e-commerce platforms and high-speed image storage and processing systems, Karpa quickly demonstrated its versatility and innovative spirit. The sale of its groundbreaking real estate platform marked the beginning of a journey into technology and service solutions across various sectors.

Karpa's significant expertise in the aviation sector, particularly in passenger reservation systems (PRS) and cargo aviation technology, underscores its commitment to advancing the industry. With a team boasting over 20 years of experience, Karpa has delivered customized PRS and advanced air cargo platforms to airlines like Mango, Viva Aerobus, Viva Colombia, and Nok Air, among others. The company's collaboration with industry giants such as CHAMP/SITA and Amadeus highlights its ability to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance operational efficiency, streamline operations, and improve the passenger experience.

Beyond aviation, Karpa has made strides in the manufacturing and retail sectors, applying its technological prowess to bolster e-commerce capabilities and digital marketing strategies. Through partnerships and proprietary platforms like, Karpa aids businesses in thriving within the digital marketplace, enhancing customer engagement, and fostering brand loyalty.

With our team’s commitment to growth & innovation and a solid foundation in technology and service solutions, Karpa Inc. continues to invest in future technologies, including blockchain, AI-assisted business processes, renewable energy, and more. As it navigates the digital and aviation sectors, Karpa remains dedicated to delivering versatile and effective solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients, driving forward both the aviation industry and digital commerce with unwavering commitment and expertise.

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