Karpa was founded by Zoran Naskov in 2001 as an Orlando, Florida US corporation. With Zoran’s background in e-commerce platforms and high speed image storage and processing systems used in US banking and Federal Reserve check processing, the company was initially formed to facilitate the implementation of two proof-of-concept projects. One for a large-scale distribution Video on Demand platform, and the other a white label real estate listing platform to be licensed by title agencies and mortgage brokers.

After the sale of the real estate platform to a large title agency, Karpa partnered with a Swiss airline travel technology start-up and a low cost airline from South Florida, with the objective to build an organization which would develop and operate a next generation passenger reservation system. The system reached worldwide distribution within two years, growing its team from South Florida to Mexico, South Africa and Thailand. At its peak, the projects had a collaborative team of 30 people with two offices in the US (Miami and Detroit) and offices in Johannesburg, Bangkok, Mexico City, La Paz (Mexico) and Zurich.

After turning over the operation and licensing of the airline reservation system to various entities around the globe, Karpa partnered with the same Swiss organization to develop and test launch a Peer-to-Peer hotel reservation system, while also filing a patent on the solution developed for the venture.

During the same time Karpa entered a partnership with a large real estate sign printing vendor, in order to completely overhaul their technology stack, including production plant automation, sales, customer support (call center), marketing and e-commerce. The work on the platform developed for this partnership is still ongoing by a joint team in North Carolina and North Macedonia in the areas of software development, customer art processing, marketing content creation and campaign execution and customer support.

A partnership where Karpa’s team provides software, technology, marketing and infrastructure is the canvas printing platform SimpleCanvasPrints.com (SCP). SCP is a fully integrated e-commerce, marketing, customer support, accounting and plant production platform which supports multi-brand front ends (ex: KittyCanvasPrints.com ) with the same production, customer service and accounting back end, with full integration into email marketing, analytics, PPC and affiliate platforms.

As in its past, Karpa continues to dedicate resources to proof-of-concept projects, which act as incubators for future enterprises in fields such as blockchain & decentralized payment solutions, team collaboration platforms, large-scale image libraries, AI-assisted business processes, renewable energy, high yield agriculture automation, event consolidation and marketing and much more.

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